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Hassleback Potatoes

We love a jacket potato, this little twist on the classic jacket not only tastes delicious, it looks really good too.


You can sprinkle the jackets with different spices.  We enjoy some garlic powder or garlic salt on ours.


Using wooden or metal skewers, (or you can freestyle slice) scrub your jackets with a veg brush and poke a few holes in it with either a fork or a knife.  Push your skewers through the middle of the potato.  Take a sharp knife and slice through the potatoes at regular intervals making sure you do not slice right through the potato.  This is where the skewers help.  Remove the skewers and sprinkle the potato with your spices.


Place a well oiled baking tray in the oven (about 180 degrees C) and allow to heat up.  Add your potatoes and baste with the hot oil.  Continue to baste a few times throughout the cooking process.  Cook until crispy, should be around an hour.

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