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Stuffed Wraps

These stuffed wraps are so easy to assemble and really quick to cook in a frying pan.  Great for a quick lunch, dinner or teatime for the kids.  I made these for my children and they requested beans and cheese in one and avocado, olive tapenade, sliced tomato and vegan cheese in the other one.  I use Violife vegan cheese.  You can use so many different ingredients in these, marmite and cheese works well too.


Makes 6 stuffed wraps


6 wraps

1 avocado mashed

½ tin of baked beans

Jar of olive tapenade

Sliced tomato

Voilife (or other) vegan cheese


Place wrap on a plate or flat surface.  In the middle of the wrap add a tablespoon of avocado and spread it a little bit leaving at least 5cm around the edge of the wrap.  Add a teaspoon of olive tapenade and sliced tomato on top.  Take a slice of the violife cheese and half it (if it’s grated cheese, then adjust accordingly).  Half it again and place the two halves on top of the sliced tomatoes.  Now take the two sides and fold to meet in the middle.  Fold the top and bottom bits over on another sealing everything inside the pocket.  With the folded edges on the bottom, place your pocket in a hot oiled frying pan for a few minutes, turn your pocket over and c ook for a few minutes on the other side.  Do the same with the beans and cheese.  Yummy, crispy stuffed wraps.

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