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Oats and Almonds

I make this is large quantities and store it in a glass jar so it’s an easy go to for breakfast.  You can take it anywhere with you as all it takes is boiling the kettle!



I use a Nutribullet, however you can use any kitchen gadget that will whizz up food.


Take 10 tablespoons of porridge oats and whizz it up.  Pour into glass jar then add 10 tablespoons of ground almonds.


I normally do it in stages of about 10 tablespoons of ground almonds and ten 10 tablespoons of ground oats until it’s almost full.  Place the lid on the jar and shake it up.  Voila! 


Mix together approximately 5 tablespoons of the mixture with boiled water until desired consistency.  Add maple syrup and fruit of choice.

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