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Butterfly Pea Flower Treat

I love chia seeds.  They make a wonderful alternative to oats for breakfast and also a delicious treat for anytime of the day.  I made this yesterday as I found the Butterfly Pea Flower powder in the cupboard whilst looking for inspiration.  Butterfly Pea Flower powder is a fantastic natural food colouring which also has incredible health benefits.  It aids digestion, hair growth, is an antioxidant, anti-aging, detoxification and helps with weight loss.  It’s beautiful blue hues make it so attractive to eat too.

For this dish I made up a bowl of chia seeds – 6 Tablespoons, 1 teaspoon of Butterfly Pea Flower Powder (totally optional and this recipe can be made with or without it or any other superfood powder) and mixed it with 1 cup coconut milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  Let it sit on the side for a while stirring every so often to mix in the chia seeds (it can get clumpy if you don’t).  Then I spooned some of the chia mixture into two glasses, topped it with homemade soy yoghurt, blueberries, a strawberry and drizzled maple syrup over it. Divine!

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