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Bolognaise Sauce

Using non-GMO, organic soya mince, fantastic vegetable bouillon and served with delicious red lentil pasta which starts off red and when cooked changes colour. 


1 Red onion

2 Jars or tins tomato and onion or basil or herbs mix

300 grams dried soya mince (I use Clearspring Organic Soya Mince)

1 Tablespoon vegetable bouillon (I use Marigold Organic Swiss Vegetable Vegan Bouillon powder)

2 cloves garlic



1 Tablespoon maple syrup or date syrup

1 Teaspoon herbs de provence.

3 Tablespoons nutritional yeast



Place the dried soya mince in a bowl and add the vegetable bouillon.  Add enough boiling water to cover the mince and allow to stand for 10 minutes.   Chop and saute the red onion until soft.  Add the garlic and herbs.  Mix together. Add the soya mince and stir until combined.  Add the jars tomatoes, salt, pepper and sweetener of choice.  Stir and cook until the sauce thickens. Add the nutritional yeast and mix in.

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